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Patterns, colours and art depicts culture, builds character and holds memories, the more we travel the more we are captivated by art that tells stories.  

Today we find ourselves in Laos, a little country perhaps forgotten since the war however proud owners of some inspirational art.  We have learnt the beauty of keeping life simple and that life goes on without egg cartons, air-conditioning and road rules. We order off the menu by pointing and taking a chance. It's quite an art juggling 2 dozen eggs in wafer thin plastic bags while riding a scooter!

We can learn alot from the Laos language, how true it is in life!
In the Laos language:

  • THANK YOU means to have a frame heart - ຂອບໃຈ Khob Chai  
  • To be GLAD is to feel good at heart- ດີໃຈ Di Chai
  • TRUST is to believe in your heart- ຄວາມໄວ້ວາງໃຈ
  • If your GENEROUS they say big heart ຫົວໃຈໃຫຍ່